Upgrade any bank card to a cashback card.

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How it works?

RECASH is a revolutionary new service for getting cashback in the easiest way possible.

It upgrades your bank card to a cashback card, which you can use at thousands of ONLINE and IN-STORE retailers – from gas stations to supermarkets, fashion stores to restaurants, beauty salons to hotels and so on. Simply use your bank card when shopping and there’s nothing else to do. After your purchase, RECASH automatically receives the information from your bank and puts the cashback into your account without using any separate loyalty/cashback card.

Ready to get cash back?

Six easy steps

Download the app for iOS or Android

Register with your e-mail or Facebook

Choose your bank

You will be re-directed to your online banking site

Approve the request to access your necessary information

Spend the cashback that you have received for your loyalty